interactive, small exhibitions by rtd services

rtd services has developed small interactive exhibitions within several EU funded projects. These exhibitions are based on wooden panels, as well as relevant workshops and experiments for the topics of bio-economy (biotechnology and life sciences, agriculture and fisheries, food and well-being), spices and herbs, animal health & animal feeding (pigs and poultry).

Management, renting and further development of the exhibitions is done by the business cooperation easyscience. (

available infrastructure

  • wooden frame for setting up panels and content 
  • small chairs
  • table for experiments and workshops & a rolling container  
  • two small monitors (computers) to present experiments  
  • exhibit biomass
  • Descriptions of experiments and material lists  

available panels and content

panels can be combined on an individual basis (max. amount of wooden frames - 12 pieces). panels can be used in a single, pair or other combinations. 

Impressions of the different locations in Europe (Italy, Sotland, Estonia, Austria)